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John 4 years ago
Lol she looks scared af
MrChair01 2 years ago
Prostutes are for your pleasure not hers remember that.
Chib. 3 years ago
Man is a top grade moron. Instead of getting a decent BJ he forces her into non-enjoyable stuff. Empty head!
3 years ago
Is she okay? She doesn't look like she's okay with this.
Bombay 2 years ago
She definitely looks scared asf doesn’t look voluntarily To me looks forced and rapish
LMAO 3 years ago
The guys that get mad about this are so pathetic...... theyre also the same guys whos wives love this treatment from the guys they’re banging behind these Simps backs ! hah
1 year ago
Love to see a whore naked on her knees.
Thotking420 2 years ago
Doesn’t matter if she enjoyed it or not it’s her job she was paid to be a open mouth for ten mins and that’s the line of work she’s in

Good girl
Moim 3 years ago
..... 2 years ago
she clearly hated it wtf
just look at her face in the end, and this dude wtf he came in her eyes and hair ewww